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Edward J. Nykiel Attorney & Counselor is a Wayne County criminal defense lawyer here to help you with any specific legal issue you may have. He is available to provide answers that only a Wayne County criminal attorney can properly answer. He works hard to personally support his clients no matter the situation at hand.

Compassionate Attorney at Your Service

Ed Nykiel knows and understands that impending legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why he believes in treating clients with care and respect and giving them the full attention that they deserve. Working with Ed Nykiel guarantees you:

  • A knowledgeable lawyer
  • Convenient office hours
  • Reasonable attorney fees

An attempt to take a legal matter into your own hands often negatively impacts the outcome of your situation. When a dedicated lawyer could be on hand to help and offer guidance, why risk such repercussions?

Edward Nykiel is a Wayne County criminal attorney with a law practice located in Wayne County. With practice areas in criminal law, drug crimes, personal injury, traffic law, and more, Edward Nykiel will fight for your justice. Edward J Nykiel serves Wayne County and the surrounding areas for a variety with a variety of law service. Whether you need Edward J Nykiel to be your Wayne County, MI OWI defense lawyer, your Monroe County personal injury attorney, your Trenton OWI attorney, or just your general Wayne County criminal defense lawyer, Ed Nykiel has the experience and knowledge to help you/ To set up an appointment or learn more about his practice, call Edward J. Nykiel Attorney & Counselor today.

Why Choose Us?

  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Former District Court Judge
  • Over 25 Years of Service as a Lawyer, Court Administrator, & Judge

Edward Nykiel is the right choice when it comes to a responsible Wayne County criminal defense attorney. Unrelenting and understanding, Edward Nykiel will take the time to make sure that his clients get the attention and consideration that they deserve. You need an experienced Wayne County criminal lawyer that will work for you. Edward Nykiel will be there every step of the way and will work his hardest to make this process as easy and as smooth as possible.

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